KC Martin-Stone
archaeologist. Comedian.
Chaser of the fun stuff.

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about ME

I’ve been digging in the dirt since I was about 2 years old, and I found a way to get paid for it. I also like making people laugh and being the centre of attention, and I found a way to get paid for that, too! Who knew you could turn these things into a career?

I generally prefer to avoid non-fun stuff, if I can. My past lives include being a roller derby referee, vice-president of the International Unicycling Federation, and a high school dropout.

I can bring lots of smart and funny words to your event, podcast or gathering. If you are looking for an MC, comedian or public speaker, please drop me a line through the contact form below. Or catch me at a gig sometime!

If you want to read about my archaeology stuff, click here.

Some lovely people have said some lovely things about me:

So interesting!
— ABC Radio Darwin
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